A Few Months Of Photos

Spent all summer shooting photos and not posting them anywhere. Now that I have a bunch stacked up, I thought it was time to post them all on here for a little photo gallery. New shirts and hoodies are coming real soon! Keep your eyes peeled for those!


Stauffer still snaps those tables like no one else can. Photo: Nilo Hodge


Another photo of Stauffer holding this t-bog over this hip. Photo: Nilo Hodge


Stephen Klein stays roaming the streets of Harrisburg. x-up smith on a pretty new spot. Photo: Nilo Hodge


Chopper loves these high speed bunny hop whips. Photo: Nilo Hodge


Devin with the long haul barspin from wedge to wedge. Wild! Photo: Nilo Hodge


Doug Gutecunst showed me around San Francisco all last week. This was one of the dopest spots not meant to be ridden. Here’s him diving into a super steep bank. Photo: Nilo Hodge


I usually get a good session in with Dustin during the week. Bar spin right before the sun set. Photo: Nilo Hodge


You can never tell when Grant is doing something opposite. Here’s a clean ass opposite tailwhip. Photo: Nilo Hodge


JP got a couple goes at this bump to storm door before getting it done. Surprised no one came out to yell at us. Photo: Nilo Hodgemclovinsantaanagapweb

Mclovin came with me out to California and we got to ride a bunch of spots I’ve always seen in videos. This one might look pretty familiar except that there’s pretty much a tent city there now. Photo: Nilo Hodge


Messer is animal. Awesome ass tree tap out of a lip that’s at an awkward angle. Photo: Nilo Hodge


PQ with a 180 crooked grind with an awesome sun set in the background. Photo: Nilo Hodge