Allentown Arts Fest

We’re always super late posting shit, but who cares. A¬†few months back we did a couple small demos at the Allentown Arts Fest with Homebase Skate Shop. It was a whole weekend event. Friday we kinda just set everything up and the crew got to have a session well past dark. Saturday was a complete wash due to the rain. Just set the booth up and chilled, but no one was out so we packed it up early and left. Sunday a bunch of the crew came out and we got to ride all day. A lot of people came through to check out the little demo. It was definitely a fun event with a lot of dope shit to check out and local stuff to buy. Check the photos from Arts Fest below.

,Daylonchill daytdown

Daylon came out to ride. Dude hasn’t been on a bike in years and still cranks turndowns on anyone’s bike. Photos: Nilo Hodge


Dillman with a 180 t-bog over the ramp and rail set up. Photo: Nilo Hodge


Dillman performing some sort of seduction tactic for the camera. Photo: Nilo Hodge

GrantBar GrantTdown

Grant doing all the tricks of that little set up. Photos: Nilo Hodge

JoshStairTbog JoshStairTooth

Josh Stair came through from Harrisburg with his family, shredded and drove back home. Always good having that dude out. Photos: Nilo Hodge


Mel’s always good to come out and talk some shit! Photo: Nilo Hodge


Ryan Muschlitz lockin on this tooth hanger. Photo: Nilo Hodge


Jon taking care of the booth. Got those new banners from Chris at Penn Skate. Things came out sweet! Photo: Nilo Hodge