Animal Block Party @ Butcher’s The Block Shop


Last weekend, Animal came through Bethlehem, brought a bunch of the team and had a jam over at the Bethlehem Skateplaza. After the jam, there was a big cookout at Butcher’s the Block Shop. Tons of guys were riding, chilling and just having a good time.  A bunch of OG’s were in attendance including Ralph Sinisi, Luc-E, Mel Cody and Butcher of course.  It was good seeing a bunch of the older heads come out and chill.  The cookout was awesome, the shop was packed, Butcher had a DJ come through and there was free food. At one point the cops tried to shut it down. The neighborhood wasn’t feeling that too much. Obscenities were thrown at the cops pretty much until they left.  The neighborhood definitely doesn’t fuck around and wanted to see The Block have its cookout go undisturbed.  The BMX scene in Bethlehem is alive and striving.  Be on the lookout for the next event. Don’t miss out! Peep the photos below.



IMG_0782 IMG_0830 IMG_0827 IMG_0819