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A Few Months Of Photos

Spent all summer shooting photos and not posting them anywhere. Now that I have a bunch stacked up, I thought it was time to post them all on here for a little photo gallery. New shirts and hoodies are coming real soon! Keep your eyes peeled for those! Stauffer still snaps those tables like no […]


The Hosed Jam

About a week and a half ago, Action Wheels had their first Hosed Jam. It was a pretty dope turnout for being a Friday afternoon. There were best trick contests all around the skateplaza and people were going in trying to get some free shit. Nilo ended up only shooting the last contest down the […]

Aussie - 1 foot seat grab table

Some Photos We Forgot to Post

As many of you may know, we have a timely tradition of never doing shit on time. Procrastination is a strong part of the ECD heritage. Too busy living life I guess. Following in this tradition we usually end up with a ton of photos and what not just stacked up with no home. This […]

ECD Autum Web Video

ECD Autumn Web Video

  Autumn Web Video Here’s a new edit for the fall.  There’s a little something for everyone in this. Check it! Big thanks to the dudes at Catty for letting us ride/film. Please head over to their site to donate to keep the trails going.  As always hit the webstore to get what you need. […]