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Winter Gear Promo

Winter Gear Promo

Not too long ago, we met up with Grant Bass and James Kehs to shoot this short promo. All the gear their wearing is available on the webstore now. Get the beanies while they last, they’re going really quick.  Peace.  

Aussie - 1 foot seat grab table

Some Photos We Forgot to Post

As many of you may know, we have a timely tradition of never doing shit on time. Procrastination is a strong part of the ECD heritage. Too busy living life I guess. Following in this tradition we usually end up with a ton of photos and what not just stacked up with no home. This […]

ECD Autum Web Video

ECD Autumn Web Video

  Autumn Web Video Here’s a new edit for the fall.  There’s a little something for everyone in this. Check it! Big thanks to the dudes at Catty for letting us ride/film. Please head over to their site to donate to keep the trails going.  As always hit the webstore to get what you need. […]


ECD Summer Joint – Online Store Drop

Well it’s been a long time, the comeback kids comin back with a summer joint just in time for the drop of our Online Store. Big thanks to everyone who has supported the cause, even bigger shout out to the haters and discriminators. The scene is alive and well! As for the Online Store, we’re […]


Spring is Here

This winter was a rough one. Been a while since we last updated. Doesn’t mean we’re not out here doing what we do. Most of the flicks are from a Jam that the Butcher’s Block Shop put on a few weeks back. Had some good weather and a bunch of heads came out to ride. […]

People were roasting this set. One footed darkside.

Catty Halloween Jam

A little over a week ago, the guys down at the Catty Trails had their annual Halloween Jam.  As expected the turnout was  huge, which was impressive considering it was a cold and windy day.  A lot of people came from out of town.  People were shredding real hard, its awesome to see people riding […]