Forgotten Penn Skate Photos

Forgotten Penn Skate Photos

I’m usually on top of posting photos when I have a gallery in mind. But, I completely dropped the ball on this one. Most these are from a session at Penn in the beginning of winter. We’re working on some new stuff for the spring so keep your eyes peeled!


Andrew Messer’s tables are absolutely perfect. Photo: Nilo Hodge


This was one of the rare occasions that Evan came out to the park to ride. Photo: Nilo Hodge


Clipper is always fun to watch. He usually shows up late and wastes no time going fast. Photo: Nilo Hodge


Jarid was getting flatter with these as the night progressed. Photo: Nilo Hodge


PQ has this hidden arsenal of air tricks that no one knows about. Even though this was a flyout trick it was too good not to post. Photo: Nilo Hodge


When Marky T rides the Little Devil Bowl it sounds like a train is coming. You can hear his tires hit every board holding the ramp together then he shoots out of the bowl for this transfer higher than most everyone I see do this. I’m pretty sure most, if not all of those tire marks above him are from him. Photo: Nilo Hodge