Grindlab Trail Jam/Catty Woods

Here’s something a bit different. An all trails post! A few weeks ago, a few of us went down to Grindlab down near Harrisburg to hang out and ride. With all the Guerrilla Warfare commotion we didn’t have time to post these photos up.  A bunch of riders, young and older showed up. There’s a nice line that isn’t too hard to get through and even a small roller line for the younger kids. TRA (Trail Riders of America) put the jam together and it turned out pretty awesome. Treebs, Jay Bone and Abe were the guest judges and people were throwing down.  Check out Grindlab Park sometime. Support parks that support BMX. We also checked out Catty Trails last weekend. Half the crew got broke off but we still had a good time. The trails are super fun and definitely worth checking out. But you already knew that.


Ekim King with a nice No Foot Can Can on the first jump.




Dave King and the Dirt Sculpt crew designed and built the Grindlab jumps.



ECD limo.



Evan Smedley stylin


Jacob aka Clipper with a smooth 360 over the first set.

dave best

Dave Best with an over clicked Turndown.


Frank with some nice Catty flow

the boy

Evan didn’t even bring his bike and he was the first dude on the course on a loaner bike.


Nice crew of riders.


The judges’ post.