Last Month

We met a videographer a while back that let us know that he was interested in shooting a bmx video with us at some point. Last Month, when he was ready to get it done, we took a trip down to Reid Menzer park in York to film with him. It was a crazy warm day in November, until about 3 p.m., then a wild storm rolled in and the temperature dropped like 15 degrees. The videographer brought some wild ass gear to shoot the edit with. I’m psyched to see how it turns out. We’ll post it when he’s done. But for now here’s a few photos Nilo shot throughout the day.

Gonna have some classic hoodies available in very limited quantities soon, stay tuned.


Dustin explaining what he’s getting ready to do. Look at that camera set up! Photo: Nilo Hodge


Weng and the eye of the tiger kick. Feeble to candybar. Photo: Nilo Hodge


Grant fixing his wheel after fighting with an upledge trick.


Grant does hop whips in his sleep. Photo: Nilo Hodge


Dustin taking it on a this smith hard. Photo: Nilo Hodge


Grant getting this wild smith up to hard 180 done with both of his wheels rubbing. Photo: Nilo Hodge


Grant down feeble to quick barspin. Photo: Nilo Hodge


When we showed up at the park Tom was already there shredding. He stuck around and filmed with us. Effortless 270 whip. Photo: Nilo Hodge


This sub box was so damn close and high. Dustin put his pegs on it real quick. He tried the icepick and it didn’t work out too well. Photo: Nilo Hodge


Tom Gorse with a flat 270 table over the hip. Photo: Nilo Hodge