Grant Wallride

Photo Journal – 06/17/13


I ran out of interesting titles for this shit. Seeing as how the photos’ll keep rolling in we’re gonna start this photo journal of the sorts. Organize this shit.

Frank Flat Ntown Dillman Tbog Ntown

They have a pretty heavy crew over at the Northampton Park building and rebuilding stuff. Stop by and check the progress, throw a shovel or five, it benefits everybody. Like Dillman, or Frank Z. They also have a FACEBOOK PAGE with up to date info on whats going on down at the park. Doesn’t get more hands on that that boys.

Nilo Easton Boost

Nilo got ups, thats all im sayin about this one. The dude gets up there.

ghostbusters Rooftop

Nick stuck a good clip on this roofspot a few months back, keep an eye out for that. And watch your back if your cruisin south street ghostbusters been creepin around.

Grant Wallride

Grant shreds, end point. Came through with this wallride awhile back, been waiting to post it.