Spring is Here

This winter was a rough one. Been a while since we last updated. Doesn’t mean we’re not out here doing what we do. Most of the flicks are from a Jam that the Butcher’s Block Shop put on a few weeks back. Had some good weather and a bunch of heads came out to ride. Then they held a video premiere for The Yea video. Mclovin and Josh Stair had dope parts in that. Make sure you check that out. This first photo is from a couple days ago. Met up with some heads down in Philly and rode the city all day.  Got some shit in the works. Stay tuned…  Peace.


Herrera with a clean ass feeble to bar in Philly. Photo: Nilo Hodge


Evan came through Bethlehem a few weekends in a row and did some wild shit. Including this wild tire slide over the ledge. Photo: Nilo Hodge


Mclovin loves little difficult lines. Ice footplant 180.  Photo: Adam Rell


Herrera and a downside whip. Photo: Adam Rell


Nilo hip boost. Photo: Adam Rell


Dillman with a high speed nose to pegs to gap.  Photo: Adam Rell


Dillman channeling Van Homan with this uprail to no footed can can. Photo: Adam Rell


Also, if you haven’t seen the Indoor edit, check it out.