The Hosed Jam

About a week and a half ago, Action Wheels had their first Hosed Jam. It was a pretty dope turnout for being a Friday afternoon. There were best trick contests all around the skateplaza and people were going in trying to get some free shit. Nilo ended up only shooting the last contest down the 10 set. There was a Fit frame up for the best trick on this set up so people were out to get shit done. Mike Stahl pretty much did everything that he could think of down the set. Stuff like crank arm down the rail, crank flip, over ice, oppo ice…. the list goes on. Our homie James Kehs sent a few whips down it, almost landing one. He slipped the pedal but it was still ridiculous. All in all a good jam, we like seeing more awesome shit go down around the area. Also check out the webstore. New fucking shirts in there!


James Kehs – whip

BradduffmanBrad Weidlich with an awesome duff man.

scotttest jonfisheye dustinfisheye devinfisheye Brad360ten

Brad Wiedlich – 360


I didn’t catch this dude’s name but he crushed this barspin.


Mike Stahl- tire grab to oppo tire grab


Mike Stahl – crankarm